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  • BMSD statement on a recent Fox News article | 3 Apr 2017
    • An article has been published by Fox News on the topic of Muslims who support the American President Donald Trump. The article mentions Dr Shaaz Mahboob as a “Trump supporter” in the capacity of BMSD’s Facebook Group administrator.

  • BMSD Statement on London Terror Attack | 23 Mar 2017
    • British Muslims for Secular Democracy (BMSD) condemns the attack, which took place in London on the 22nd March 2017 resulting in the loss of life and injuries to several members of the public and officers of the Metropolitan Police. Investigations are ongoing but the Metropolitan Police suspects the attack was inspired by international terrorism. We…

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  • Democracy Workshops: Empowering Muslim Women | 5 Mar 2017
    • BMSD’s Democracy Workshops is aimed at empower Muslim women to become resilient. We have held several workshops in east London subjects like: Democracy and Political Participation, Policy Making, Visit to a Town Hall, Community Organising, Project Management, Freedoms, Importance of Being Heard. These sessions, have greatly empowered and given confidence to the participants to become…

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  • What role do Muslims have in building a secular UK? | 2 Aug 2016
    • By Tehmina Kazi for Profexus News 29th July 2016 For the last seven years, I have been the director of a registered charity named British Muslims for Secular Democracy. When I tell other people what I do at networking events and dinner parties, most are delighted; a small proportion give me funny looks, and the…

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  • Don’t ban the burqa; challenge the modesty doctrines instead – 27.05.2016 | 27 May 2016
    • By Tehmina Kazi in Sedaa Unlike other articles on Muslim women’s sartorial trends, this one will not start with a terrible “thinly-veiled” pun, or a picture of a woman with her face covered in black cloth. Shazia Hobbs managed to avoid both these traps in her “Ban the burqa” article, which correctly identified religious fundamentalism…

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