“We offer our condolences to the deceased and are thinking of the injured, and all their families in the horrific terror attack in Manchester” – BMSD

BMSDemocracy are deeply saddened to hear the death of Asma Jahangir and wish to honour the late Pakistani lawyer and human rights activist. She stood up for universal human rights and equality for all. She was one of Pakistan’s leading human rights activists and lawyers and someone who inspired millions around the world.

Jehangir courageously stood up and fought against oppressive blasphemy laws and vigorously defended minorities such as Christians charged with blasphemy.

The climate she operated in was hostile and dangerous, yet Asma Jehangir persisted in fighting for human rights and secular politics. Over her life, she endured death threats, house arrests and public humiliation at the hands of security services.

British Muslims for Secular Democracy, which is committed to secularism and human rights, wish to acknowledge and honour Asma Jehangir who unapologetically fought for women’s rights in Pakistan. We, as an organisation, must not take for granted the safe environment we operate in in comparison to brave women like Jehangir, who despite facing threats from the religious right and government bodies continue to fight for justice.

BMSDemocracy will continue this legacy together with women and secularists across the globe. It is our responsibility as activists to ensure that Asma Jehangir did not die in vain.

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