“We offer our condolences to the deceased and are thinking of the injured, and all their families in the horrific terror attack in Manchester” – BMSD

Dr Ghayassuddin Siddiqui is one of the leading and increasingly respected Muslim voices in Britain. As leader of The Muslim Parliament of Great Britain and director of one of the oldest Muslim think tank; ‘The Muslim Institute’, he has promoted dialogue across all social, cultural and political barriers. He is known for opposing Wahabi Islam and for his criticisms of practices within Muslim families and mosques that violate human rights.

  • On 18th of June 2008, Dr Siddiqui represented the Muslim Parliament and bmsd at a seminar on Child Protection in Faith-based environments at the University of Cardiff, as part of his campaign against child abuse within faith-based environment. This was followed by visits to the National Muslim Supplementary School Conference at Regents Park Mosque along with Wisdom; a Muslim faith school in Haringay.
  • In July 2008 he spoke in a seminar on ‘Violence Against Children’ at the Abbey Centre in Westminster , organised by ‘Children Are Untreatable’.
  • Dr Siddiqui is one of the first Muslim leaders to have championed women’s causes, against forced marriage, domestic violence and murder in the name of honour. Last year, together with some senior clerics, he launched the Muslim Marriage Contract to protect the rights of women.
  • He attended the Awaaz Anti-Fundamentalists Alliance meeting, Jewish-Muslim Theatre and Christian-Muslim dialogue meetings.
  • In July 2008 he was interviewed on BBC TV interview on ‘Freedom of Speech’ at the University Women’s Club in London and also organised a highly effective demonstration outside High Court in Strand, supporting Southall Black Sisters Case against Ealing Council which is withdrawing vital funding from that organisation.
  • He attended a committee meeting on the Model ‘Muslim Marriage Contract’ at Ibis Hotel Euston, which was launched at the City-Circle in London on the 8th of August 2008.
  • Committed to women’s rights, he also spoke about ‘Women under Islamic Law’ at the Gender Equality seminar held by Social Vision; the LSE Alumni Network.
  • Dr Siddiqui attended Chesham Muslim Community Cultural Events and participated in public discussions on ‘Shariah Arbitration Court ’ at Temple Church . He has been consulted on The Charity Commission and the registration of mosques and madrasas in Britain and joined a Christian-Muslim dialogue group meeting at New Bucks University in late 2008.
  • Dr Siddique has, with the Chair, conducted workshops on Democratic engagement in East London with Muslims in their twenties and thirties, who have migrated to Britain and feel they need to understand the underpinning values of this society. Debate is encouraged as is critical thinking.
  • With Dr. Taj Hargey, another bmsd trustee, Dr Siddique has drafted an advice booklet on frequently raised issues by Muslim parents to be used in schools by teachers. These are being tested and piloted in three areas around the country.

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