“We offer our condolences to the deceased and are thinking of the injured, and all their families in the horrific terror attack in Manchester” – BMSD

After many years at the helm, Dr Nasreen Rehman, co-founder and Chair of BMSD has stepped down from her role.

She steered the organisation, skilfully and with commitment, through challenging, productive and also taxing times. As BMSD celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, we move forward to the next phase of our journey in a strong position.

Under her leadership, BMSD has played a crucial role in creating a safe space for moderate, secular Muslims to voice an alternative narrative to the patriarchal, conservative voices who dominate and claim exclusive rights to defining and representing Islam and Muslims in the UK. We have also encouraged free debates with those who do not agree with our vision.

The Board have elected well known journalist, writer and academic Professor Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who was co-founder of BMSD with Dr Rehman in 2006, to take over. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise, and will further enhance our effectiveness in our media engagement and lobbying work. With other partners, BMSD is currently assessing the impact of the Prevent policy, a project initiated by the new Chair.

BMSD trustees – a diverse and experienced group of professionals – will continue to work hard to promote human rights, mutual respect and democracy

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