“We offer our condolences to the deceased and are thinking of the injured, and all their families in the horrific terror attack in Manchester” – BMSD

Rabia Mirza is the Director of Media, Engagement, and Lobbying at BMSD. She has studied Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen and during her studies was an active member of the NUS Black Women’s Committee: a newly formed committee that provides an intersectional link between the NUS Women’s Committee and the NUS Black Students Committee.

Rabia has had an active role in community youth work having been a team leader several times for the National Citizens Service – a month long youth engagement programme that improves leadership and teamwork skills in youth aged 15-17 through a team managed community action project.

Through her experiences of outreach work and activism, Rabia plans to shape discourse by amplifying the voices of young people in political spaces and influence public policy on secular democracy, civic engagement, and social justice.

With extensive experience in grassroots activism and community engagement, Rabia will keep grassroots engagement at the heart of her work at British Muslims for Secular Democracy.

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